Oktober Folk Club is the first band of the post-nuclear age: It doesn't need electric power because it IS electric power – generated by the forces of Rhythm'n'Blues, Country, Jazz and DooWop. Music for the pre-Rock'n'Roll jamborees when, in some places, the lights were still turned out with a bucket, a blanket or a bit of spittle.


We have been going on since 2006, playing everywhere from under bridges to big theatres and radio stations, from hip clubs and dim-lit- whisky bars to happening kitchen parties, from weddings to off-cinemas (setting our music to silent movies), a lot in and around Munich and the Bavarian hinterland but also places like Berlin's fancy Heimathafen Neukölln, a Linux convention in Heidelberg or a biker club in Kiev. And this is the lesson we learned: Every location big enough to hold a washtub can be turned into a jumping, jiving, jitterbugging jukejoint – so why not yours?

Martin Lickleder

(violin, harmonica, voc)

Axel Koch

(banjo, voc)

Christian Salz

(washtub bass, voc)